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Weight. 30 oz. Dimensions. 1.5 × 6 × 9 in. Package Size. 3 oz. (6 Pack), 5 oz. (6 Pack) Sliced Pepperoni is now available for online purchase in varying sizes. This Pepperoni is made with the highest quality ingredients possible.

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How to Make Pepperoni Spaghetti . Here are the easy step-by-step instructions for making this recipe for pepperoni sauce served with spaghetti. It is quick to make this in just two pots on the stovetop. Purchase store-bought precut items like pepperoni sliced or chunks, diced onions, or diced peppers to save time. Here is a summary of how to.

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Cook the pasta according to package directions until al dente. Drain and set aside. Meanwhile in a Dutch oven over medium-high heat, saute the onions in some olive oil until fragrant, about 5 minutes. Add in diced garlic and saute for about 30 seconds. Toss in pepperoni and olives and saute for 5 minutes. Add diced tomatoes, marinara sauce and.

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"Liguria pepperoni has a beautiful flavor with just the right amount of spice. And Liguria sausage has a beautiful flavor chunk with fennel that comes in the right size." Terry "Joe" Black, Jimmy & Joe's Pizzeria "Liguria pepperoni is the best product of its kind on the market and I've tried them all." JD Torian, Austin's Pizza

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Cubed (Diced) Pepperoni. Cubed (or diced) pepperoni has become a popular style that's made its way on to grocery store shelves in recent years. Rather than the traditional slicing preparation, the pepperoni is diced into 1/4″ cubes for easy use as other things besides pizza like salads, or even with your eggs at breakfast. Cup Char Pepperoni

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Step 3. Add the olive oil to a large pot over medium heat and cook the pepperoni, stirring occasionally, until golden and crisp, 6 to 8 minutes. Transfer the pepperoni to a plate. Step 4. Add the sliced garlic and crushed red pepper (if using) to the pot and stir to coat in the oil.

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K-12 Pepperoni Seasoned Diced Turkey. JENNIE-O Pepperoni Seasoned Diced Turkey 1/4" CN. Turkey continues to be a popular, wholesome comfort food that is emerging as an exciting, diverse protein that fits today's trends for flavor, visual appeal and smart eating. Great for salad bars and toppings. Diced for labor savings, consistency and food.

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HORMEL ® Pepperoni Cup and Crisp Bold. HORMEL ® Pepperoni Cup and Crisp. HORMEL ® Sliced Chorizo. HORMEL ® Pepperoni Stix. HORMEL ® Pepperoni Minis. HORMEL ® Pepperoni Turkey Minis. HORMEL ® Pepperoni 50% Less Sodium*. HORMEL ® Pepperoni 25% Less Fat*. HORMEL ® Pepperoni Thick Slice.

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It has a classic flavor with a balance of sweet, savory, and spice. This product is diced to a 1/4 inch. Dependable performance, easy to handle. Unique spice blends for true pepperoni flavor. Authentic, brick-red appearance for great eye appeal. Diced 1/4" for portion control. Back-flushed packaging delivers the freshest flavor.

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Instructions. Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Cook pasta in generously-salted water until al dente according to package instructions. While pasta is cooking, heat olive oil in a skillet over medium-high heat. Add the onion and saute for 5 minutes, until it is cooked and translucent. Add the garlic and oregano and cook for 1 minute more, stirring.

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The same irresistable taste that everyone loves, they are a family-friendly favorite with 5g of protein in every serving! Each serving is made with beef and pork, and are wonderfully delicious. HORMEL Pepperoni Diced tastes great on top of pizza, eggs, and nachos, and do not require refrigeration until opened.

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1-48 of 73 results for "diced pepperoni" Results. Check each product page for other buying options.. Amazon's Choice: Overall Pick This product is highly rated, well-priced, and available to ship immediately. Old Wisconsin Pepperoni Sausage Snack Sticks, Naturally Smoked, Ready to Eat, High Protein, Low Carb, Keto, Gluten Free, 28 Ounce.

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POCINO DICED PEPPERONI #1464307 | UPC: 00071014100451 | Aisle 2 #1464307 | UPC: 00071014100451 | Aisle 2 List +. Pocino Natural Uncured Sliced Pepperoni #3224074. 2 lb $ 13.19. 4 units $ 52.49 For quantities over 20, please call (503) 914-0251 for availability. Add. Unit 0.

HORMEL® Pepperoni, Diced, 1/4 inch, 10 lb Hormel Foodservice

Roll the dough out to about a 12″x15″ rectangle (no need to whip out the ruler). Spread the sauce in a strip about 3″ wide down the center of your rectangle. Top with sliced mozzarella, pepperoni and the shredded mozzarella. Repeat the layers of cheese, pepperoni and cheese once more (to get extra meaty-cheesy goodness.

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Margherita Pepperoni, 1/4 inch Diced, 10 lb, Frozen. Not all pepperonis are the same, just as not ever recipe is the same. Margherita pepperoni products and formats for you to craft and customize your menu. Visual Flavor. From orange to deep red, the color of the slice of pepperoni can provide a "visual taste" and distinction of the product.

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Instructions. Using a countertop mixer fitted with the dough hook, add the bread flour, yeast, sugar, 2 Tbsp of the Parmesan cheese, salt, softened butter, and cayenne pepper (optional). Stir until well combined. Add the warm milk and diced pepperoni, and mix on low speed for 3 minutes. Increase speed to medium and continue mixing for 3-4 more.