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Just whisk the water and cocoa powder together over medium heat until it begins to simmer, add in the remaining ingredients, and whisk until the chocolate melts. Make sure the hot chocolate doesn't boil. You want it to just barely reach the simmer point. It'll take you in the ballpark of 15 minutes altogether.

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Strawberry, chocolate, or vanilla marshmallows. Marshmallow peeps. 2. Choose your hot chocolate toppings. While people think of whipped cream being the top addition, allow your guests to enjoy other ideas: Sprinkles. M&Ms (so they melt into the drink) Nutella or another chocolate hazelnut spread.

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Two scoops cocoa mix. Add 3/4 mug hot water. Solid layer of marshmallows. Sprinkle of chocolate chips. Add whipped cream. Add more chocolate chips. Sprinkle on chocolate sprinkles. Add a drizzle of chocolate syrup. Hands down, my favorite is the Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate, but they all are so great!

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Add a small pinch of salt and vanilla. Taste and adjust, as needed. To make the matcha hot chocolate: pour the soy milk into a small saucepan and heat until just bubbling around the edges. Ad the chopped white chocolate, and let set for 5 minutes to melt it. Whisk together very well.

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Visitors' opinions on Au 1884. Not organized and worst tasting hot drinks. Lazy employees. Tried their hot chocolate and cappuccino threw it away after few sips. Service: Dine in Meal type: Other Price per person: CA$10-20 Food: 1 Service: 2 Atmosphere: 4.

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Plain hot chocolate: Always a crowd-favorite, and a great base for toppings, plain hot chocolate is creamy and delicious.This velvety recipe comes together easily right on the stove. Mexican hot chocolate: Less sweet and more spicy; yes, please!Mexican hot chocolate typically has less sugar than traditional hot chocolate, instead incorporating spices like chili powder and cinnamon for a hint.

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Another fun hot chocolate party idea is to have a hot chocolate tasting. Set up a table with different types of hot chocolate, such as Mexican hot chocolate, peppermint hot chocolate, and caramel hot chocolate. Provide small sample cups and let guests taste each one and vote on their favorite. You can even turn it into a friendly competition.

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Instructions. Start by adding the cocoa powder to a bowl, pour in the hot water and whisk until mixed. Add the cocoa mixture along with the chopped chocolate, milk, heavy cream, evaporated milk, and salt to a 6 quart slow cooker or larger.

Kara's Party Ideas Frozen Hot Chocolate Birthday Party Kara's Party Ideas

1) Pick a theme and make invitations. Setting the tone for your hot chocolate party starts with the invitations and theme. While digital invites are quick and easy, sending out charming invitations evokes feelings of warmth and comfort. Meanwhile, themes can range from rustic cabin vibes to elegant winter wonderland, or even a pajama party.

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Place water, sugar, cocoa powder and salt in a saucepan over medium heat; whisk well. Add chocolate chips, whisk well until melted. Add milk and whisk again until well combined. Add vanilla and cinnamon; whisk until well combined. Place all ingredients in slow cooker. Stir in Cool Whip until completely blended.

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STEP 4. Fill and seal. Fill the undecorated plain shells with hot cocoa mix and mini marshmallows. Heat a plate in the microwave for 45 seconds to warm it. Set the decorated shells (open side down) on the plate to soften the edges, then press on top of the filled shell halves to make a sphere. STEP 5.

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Hosting a Block Party. Since those first Halloween parties we've graduated to a variety of neighborhood parties! We've had happy hour and outdoor movie nights in the summer. In the winter, once our homes are decorated, we have a simple hot chocolate party.

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Pour the ¾ a cup water into a small saucepan and bring to a boil. Whisk in ½ cup ofthe cocoa powder and 4 tablespoons of cane sugar. Turn the heat down to medium and whisk in 8 cups (one half-gallon) of milk. Cook over medium heat until the milk is heated but not boiling, about 3 minutes.

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Instructions. Combine all ingredients in a crock pot (I used a 5-quart crock pot.) Stir, cover, and cook on low for 2 hours. Stir occasionally until the chocolate chips are melted. Once heated through and the chocolate is melted, switch to the warm setting and stir again before serving.

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Recipe tips and variations. Yield: This Hot Chocolate recipe makes 4 cups (32 ounces or 1 quart). Storage: Store leftovers covered in the refrigerator for up to 4 days.Some separation may occur, so stir to recombine while reheating. Personalized mugs: Mugs can double as a party favor when you have them personalized. Choose mugs with each guest's first initial, first name, or even their.