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Super Versatile, it's a large box that is deep enough to fit small to medium whole fruits such as apples. It can also fit a whole banana, large buns or a stack of sammys!. Your Hero fits perfectly in the Goodbyn Insulated Lunch Bag/Sleeve - pair with a Goodbyn Ice Brick on those warmer days to keep food cool. The Goodbyn Hero is durable and.

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This awesome Bynto lunchbox has 3 individually-sealing compartments with a single lid. This makes lunch making easier and it's even easier for kids to access their food at lunch time. Colour: Clear. Add to cart. or 6 weekly interest-free payments from $ 5.15 with. Description. Additional information. The Goodbyn Bynto keeps food separated so.

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I was given a chance to review this cool looking Goodbyn Lunchbox; it is BLUE… and Eco friendly…. No gray, no eggshell color.. Nope BLUE… and to my surprise there are many different colors if I like to get more of these lunchboxes. This Goodbyn Lunchboxis made in the USA. Recyclable. Lead, BPA and phthalate free.

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The Goodbyn lunchbox does it all, with 5 food compartments and a reusable drinks container as well. The top compartment is a good place for left-overs or fruits, even fitting a banana.

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Goodbyn Hero Lunchbox Neon Blue plus Two Leakproof Containers. $33.90. Goodbyn Little Dipper Pink Red. $3.50. Goodbyn Dishwasher Safe Lunchbox Stickers Zany Boombox. $11.95. Goodbyn Dishwasher Safe Lunchbox Stickers Star Flower. $11.95. Goodbyn Insulated Machine Washable Lunch Bag Black and Rainbow.


Goodbyn Bynto. This lunchbox is smaller than the Goodbyn Hero, and much better for younger children in my opinion. It has three compartments of varying sizes, and the bottle (available separately) was designed to fit perfectly in the middle compartment of the lunch box. The leak-proof dipper set (also available separately) also fits nicely in.

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Goodbyn, a better lunchbox reinvented for kids, parents, and our planet. BPA and Phthalate-Free and pack like you mean it. It stinks when your sandwich tastes like a banana or when your chicken korma tastes like your sweet rice roll. Goodbyn keeps tastes (and moisture) separate. Lunch tastes like it's supposed to. Stick it. Love it.

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Goodbyn | Insulated Expandable Lunch Kit - assorted colours. NZ$ 29.99 Save NZ$ 20.00. Our largest and deepest lunchboxes, the Goodbyn Hero and Bynto boxes are one of our most popular boxes. Roomy, durable, and affordable, the Goodbyn Hero even comes with its own two leakproof containers - one of which is perfect for holding a whole pottle.

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Bynto measures 10.72 by 6.83 by 2.74 inches. Hero. The three-compartment design and two Goodbyn dippers of the Hero allow for ultimate flexibility and versatility. The large compartment holds 38 fluid ounces and the small 8.8 fluid ounces each. The medium dipper holds 2.6 fluid ounces and the large dipper 6 fluid ounces.

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Lunch Boxes varient_images: Neon Blue,54820,70124,54813,54814,54815,54816,54817,54818,68278,81277. The Goodbyn Spork is designed to fit inside a Goodbyn Bento Lunch Box. Spoon at one end and a fork at the other. They come in a range of fun colours. Match your bento. Goodbyn. Goodbyn Dipper Set. $9.90.

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As it comes with a Goodbyn Bynto lunch box and a lunch bag to store them. This ecofriendly lunchbox promotes conservation by reducing… Add to cart. Add to wishlist.. Modern and fun, with room to spare, the Goodbyn Insulated Roll Top Lunch Bag holds lunchboxes and there's plenty of room for adding whole fruits,… Add to cart. Add to wishlist.

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It is incredibly roomy! We can easily fit our Thermos Funtainer, the Bynto, two ice packs and a snack box! Overall, I would highly recommend this lunchbox, the insulated lunch bag, bottle and stickers! We have had our Goodbyn Originals for 2 1/2 years without any issues and even my three bottles are still going strong!

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Tips & Tricks for using Goodbyn Bynto: These are about the same length as the Hero, but are a little narrower. They measure 6.5 inches at the widest point x 10 inches long x 2.25 inches deep. The top compartment holds 2.1 cups, the middle compartment holds 2 cups, and the bottom one holds 1 cup. Its surprising the amount of food you can fit in.

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In the larger-sized Goodbyn, you can even store a juice bottle right inside one of the compartments. A flexible lid snaps over the whole container. This prevents leaking between compartments and lets you carry the lunchbox upright or slip it into a backpack. The Goodbyn FAQs say that thick sauces like dips and yogurt are fine, but the lid isn.


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